Carbon Fiber Plates

Carbon Fiber Plates

Clearwater Composites creates customized, innovative composite parts for many industries. Your carbon fiber sheets can designed from the molecule up to fit perfectly for your application. Our online store also offers a large selection of premade carbon fiber sheets ready for direct sale and shipment from our manufacturing facility in Duluth, MN.

Due to their unique properties, carbon fiber sheets and plates are used in numerous applications over traditional materials like aluminum, steel and titanium.

  • High strength and stiffness with low weight
  • Excellent fatigue resistance
  • Dimensional stability: Low to Zero CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion)
  • X-Ray transparency

Custom-Made Carbon Fiber Plates

When you need a customized solution to get the job done, count on Clearwater Composites. We will design and manufacture carbon fiber sheets and other composites in just about any laminate design, thickness, or size to solve your problem.
Our engineers will work closely with you to ensure that your parts meet your exact specifications and deliver high performance. We are experts in the composites industry from materials science to the manufacturability of components. Whether the part is for automation robotics, aerospace, or anything else, Clearwater Composites will provide our clients with cost-effective composite products through innovative engineering and manufacturing technologies. Connect with one of our engineers today to chat about your part or project. Let’s get started!

Carbon Fiber Plate Designs

0°/ 90° (balanced)

This is the most common layup for carbon fiber plates, suitable for most applications.  Balanced, 0°/90° plates offer excellent strength and stiffness in the axial and transverse directions. Our 0°/90° plates are evenly distributed, unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg, in the 0°, 90° orientation.

Quasi-isotropic (0°/90°/+45°/-45°)

Quasi-isotropic plates are designed for loading in multiple directions. This layup is ideal for torsional or off-axis loading. Our quasi plates are evenly distributed, unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg, in the 0°, 90°, +/-45° orientation.

Shop Carbon Fiber Sheets

We stock a wide variety of carbon fiber sheets in our online shop, all available for direct shipping. Learn more about carbon fiber from our online resources. All Clearwater Composites parts are engineered and manufactured in our facility in Duluth, Minnesota.

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SKULayupThickness (in)Thickness (mm)TypeExterior MaterialPricehf:att:pa_layuphf:att:pa_thickness-inhf:att:pa_thickness-mmhf:att:pa_product-typehf:att:pa_exterior-material
PL-0.020Cross Ply0.0200.500Std-ModTwill$22.50$435.00cross-ply0-0200-500standard-modulustwill
PL-0.039Cross Ply0.0391.000Std-ModTwill$17.50$915.00cross-ply0-0391-000standard-modulustwill
PL-0.063Cross Ply0.0631.600Std-ModTwill$22.50$1,295.00cross-ply0-0631-600standard-modulustwill
PL-0.079Cross Ply0.0792.000Std-ModTwill$27.50$1,495.00cross-ply0-0792-000standard-modulustwill
PL-0.094Cross Ply0.0942.400Std-ModTwill$30.00$1,725.00cross-ply0-0942-400standard-modulustwill
PL-0.119Cross Ply0.1193.000Std-ModTwill$35.00$1,950.00cross-ply0-1193-000standard-modulustwill
PL-0.125Cross Ply0.1253.200Std-ModTwill$35.00$1,995.00cross-ply0-1253-200standard-modulustwill
PL-0.157Cross Ply0.1574.000Std-ModTwill$42.50$2,397.50cross-ply0-1574-000standard-modulustwill
PL-0.188Cross Ply0.1884.800Std-ModTwill$47.50$2,732.50cross-ply0-1884-800standard-modulustwill
PL-0.197Cross Ply0.1975.000Std-ModTwill$52.50$2,990.00cross-ply0-1975-000standard-modulustwill
PL-0.250Cross Ply0.2506.400Std-ModTwill$57.50$3,402.50cross-ply0-2506-400standard-modulustwill
PL-0.375Cross Ply0.3759.500Std-ModTwill$80.00$4,927.50cross-ply0-3759-500standard-modulustwill
PL-0.500Cross Ply0.50012.700Std-ModTwill$110.00$6,440.00cross-ply0-50012-700standard-modulustwill
PLF-0.250Foam Core0.2506.400Twill$230.00$2,707.50foam-core0-2506-400twill
PLF-0.375Foam Core0.3759.500Twill$240.00$2,760.00foam-core0-3759-500twill
PLF-0.500Foam Core0.50012.700Twill$240.00$2,875.00foam-core0-50012-700twill
PLHM-0.063Cross Ply0.0631.600High-ModTwill$200.00$2,415.00cross-ply0-0631-600high-modulustwill
PLHM-0.125Cross Ply0.1253.200High-ModTwill$297.50$4,715.00cross-ply0-1253-200high-modulustwill
PLHM-0.188Cross Ply0.1884.800High-ModTwill$385.00$7,130.00cross-ply0-1884-800high-modulustwill
PLHM-0.250Cross Ply0.2506.400High-ModTwill$517.50$9,372.50cross-ply0-2506-400high-modulustwill
PLUHM-0.063Cross Ply0.0631.600UHMTwill$477.50$942.50cross-ply0-0631-600ultra-high-modulustwill
PLUHM-0.125Cross Ply0.1253.200UHMTwill$832.50$1,650.00cross-ply0-1253-200ultra-high-modulustwill
PLUHM-0.188Cross Ply0.1884.800UHMTwill$1,207.50$2,472.50cross-ply0-1884-800ultra-high-modulustwill
PLUHM-0.250Cross Ply0.2506.400UHMTwill$1,595.00$3,275.00cross-ply0-2506-400ultra-high-modulustwill

Carbon Fiber Sheet FAQs

Drilling: Can I drill carbon fiber plates?

Yes, carbon fiber plates can be drilled. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Bit: Jobbers carbide drill bit for composites (brad-point)
  • Spindle speed: faster the better
  • Reinforce the backside to prevent blowout. This can be done with tape or by clamping the carbon fiber sheet to a sacrificial material.

Low CTE: What is the CTE of your carbon fiber plates?

Carbon fiber laminates have low CTE compared to standard metals. Laminate design can be modified to make zero/specific CTE’s. Reach out to our sales team for additional information.

Machining: Can carbon fiber plates be machined?

Yes, machining carbon fiber plates is relatively straightforward. See below for helpful tips.

  • Bit: solid carbide router bit for composites, diamond if available.
  • Spindle Speed: faster the better
  • Feed: based on thickness (proprietary)
  • Reinforce backside to prevent blowout. Can be done with tape or clamped to a sacrificial material.

Size: What is the largest size available for your carbon fiber plates?

The largest standard stock size available is 38″ x 96″. Custom sizes can be fabricated up to 48″ x 96″ x 5/8″ thick.

Temperature (TG): What temperature can your plates withstand?

Our stock, standard modulus plates have not verified the TG, but theoretical TG is estimated at ~200° F.

Temperature (TG): Is high temp material available?

We offer 350° cure, standard modulus, material as a custom solution. Higher temp material can be acquired but is on a per-part basis. Reach out to our sales team for additional information.