Roll Wrapping

Roll wrapping is an excellent process to produce high quality carbon fiber tubing and fiberglass tubing.  The roll wrapping process utilizes pre-impregnated (prepreg) carbon fiber or fiberglass materials.  The prepreg is cut into patterns with specific fiber orientations.  The patterns are rolled onto a mandrel and then wrapped with a thin plastic film.  The plastic film applies pressure and contains the resin during the curing cycle.  After the part has cured, the mandrel is extracted and the plastic film is removed.

Advantages of Roll Wrapping

  • Maximum Strength and Stiffness – the use of prepreg materials and the ability to precisely control fiber orientation results in maximizing the performance of carbon fiber and fiberglass products
  • Customization – prepreg plies can readily be added or subracted allowing the tube to be customized with different wall thicknesses
  • No Minimum Quantities – Because each tube is made one at a time, small production runs are available.