About Us

Clearwater Composites, LLC was founded with the goal of advancing the use of composite materials through innovative design, engineering, and, manufacturing.

Clearwater Composites Office Building

The founder, and, owner, Jeff Engbrecht, has over 15 years of experience in carbon fiber, and, composites. With an undergraduate degree in Composite Materials Engineering, Jeff is passionate about composites. He has worked for a number of composite related companies, including Toray Carbon Fibers, which is the #1 worldwide supplier of carbon fiber.

Through his experience, Jeff has gained precious technical knowledge.  He also gained valuable market knowledge of the entire composites process chain. From the molecular level of making carbon fiber, to designing and fabricating composite parts. We specialize in carbon fiber tubing. Jeff’s passion and experience in carbon fiber laid the foundation for establishing Clearwater Composites, LLC.

Man standing in front of Carbon Fiber Tubes

We are located near the crystal clear waters of Lake Superior in Duluth, MN.  Clearwater Composites, LLC was born, not only as a reflection of the local natural beauty, but, also as a model for business. We look for the underlying organic solution. Because, we work in a direct and honest manner, you can count on us for trustworthy solutions.