Author: Kelly McMahon

How to Bond Carbon Fiber Tubes

Bonding carbon fiber tubing can be tricky, messy, and time consuming. This article will break down the key steps on how to bond carbon fiber tubes. There are many variables to consider when bonding carbon fiber tubing: loading scenarios, materials being bonded, adhesive selection, operating temperature, environmental exposure, chemical exposure, and other factors. Typically, most standard two-part… Read more »

Top 3 Issues When Cutting Carbon Fiber Tubes

We often get questions on how to cut carbon fiber tubes. Cutting carbon fiber tubing can be difficult if done incorrectly. Today we will show you 3 common issues and the best way to avoid/fix them. Delamination: This often occurs when cutting unidirectional tubing. Individual filaments or tows tear away from the rest of the… Read more »

How to Cut Carbon Fiber Tubes

There are a lot of things to consider when cutting carbon fiber tubes: cutting tools, finishing materials, PPE, dust collection, etc. Dust collection is the major concern. Particles and dust generated while cutting carbon fiber tubes can be relatively dangerous if proper care is not taken. Like many other fine particulates, in the right condition, carbon dust can be… Read more »