Carbon Fiber Tubes

Carbon Fiber Tubes
Due to their unique properties, carbon fiber tubes are used in numerous applications over traditional materials such as aluminum, steel and titanium.

  • High strength and stiffness with low weight
  • Excellent fatigue resistance
  • Dimensional stability: Low to Zero CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion)

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Types of Carbon Fiber Tubes

Standard Modulus Carbon Fiber Tubing (SM)

This is the most common grade of carbon fiber used for our carbon fiber tubes. Standard modulus offers excellent strength and stiffness. It is 1.5X stiffer than aluminum and is the most economical grade.

Intermediate Modulus Carbon Fiber Tubing (IM)

This grade of tubing offers enhanced stiffness over standard modulus carbon fiber tubing with the same or better strength. Intermediate modulus is approximately two times stiffer than aluminum tubing.

High Modulus Carbon Fiber Tubing (HM)

At three times stiffer than aluminum (or equivalent to steel stiffness), this grade of tubing has very similar strength to standard modulus carbon fiber tubing. It is an excellent choice for demanding, weight sensitive applications.

Ultra-High Modulus Carbon Fiber Tubing (UHM)

Incredible stiffness at four-five times that of aluminum or 1.5 times that of steel. Ultra-high modulus has lower strength and is not recommended for high stress applications.


Standard Carbon Fiber Tube Options


Carbon fiber tubes can be fabricated into virtually any shape.  These include:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Oval, elliptical
  • Octagon, hexagon
  • Custom shapes and profiles

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We offer stock, build-to-order, and custom carbon fiber tubes in multiple diameters. Custom tooling can be made to order for reasonable cost. See our current Mandrel List.

  • Wide range of diameters from 0.060” to over 10”
  • Most common fractional sizes (ID and OD)
  • Tapered diameters
  • Many metric sizes
  • OD grinding add-on service (+/-0.0005”)

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Wall Thickness

Carbon fiber tubes are made with layers of prepreg, typically ~0.006” per layer. Virtually any wall thickness can be made by changing the number of layers or combining different prepreg thicknesses (0.003” – 0.010”).

Common tube thicknesses include:

Thin wall: 0.010”, 0.020”
0.035”, 0.041”, 0.058”, 0.064”, 0.092”
1/8”, 1/4” or thicker


Roll-wrapped carbon fiber tubing is sold in standard lengths or can be built custom to reduce waste.

  • Maximum length is 100” (for most ID sizes)
  • Long lengths:  tubes can be joined together with internal (or external) ferrules to achieve the required length.
  • One-piece longer lengths are possible for larger orders
  • Tubes can be cut to size for an additional charge.
  • Precision cutting tolerances available (+/-0.010” or better)

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Exterior Finishing

Carbon fiber tubes can be made with a variety of exterior finishes. Our standard finishes include:

  • Cello-wrap (glossy with resin ridges – natural result from production process)
  • Matte (sanded or centerless ground)
  • Satin (sanded, high grit)
  • Glossy (clearcoat)
  • Painted

Visit our finishing capabilities page to learn more.

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Exterior Materials

We offer many standard exterior materials for our roll-wrapped carbon fiber tubes. These include:

  • 2×2 twill fabric
  • Plain weave fabric
  • UD (unidirectional)
  • Silver texalium
  • Red/black
  • Blue/black
  • Custom colors/styles:  any fabric that is commercially available can be utilized to make carbon fiber tubing.

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SKUNominal ID (in)Nominal OD (in)Wall Thickness (in)Length (in)Exterior MaterialTypePricehf:att:pa_nominal-id-inhf:att:pa_nominal-od-inhf:att:pa_wall-thickness-inhf:att:pa_lengthhf:att:pa_exterior-materialhf:att:pa_product-type
0.125-0.245-UDFG0.1250.2450.0606, 60UDFerrule$7.50$57.500-1250-2450-0606 60udferrule
0.250-0.370-UDFG0.2500.3700.0606, 72UDFerrule$7.50$67.500-2500-3700-0606 72udferrule
0.375-0.495-UDFG0.3750.4950.0606, 72UDFerrule$10.00$80.000-3750-4950-0606 72udferrule
0.500-0.620-UDFG0.5000.6200.0606, 72UDFerrule$10.00$82.500-5000-6200-0606 72udferrule
0.625-0.744-UDFG0.6250.7450.0606, 72UDFerrule$10.00$87.500-6250-7450-0606 72udferrule
0.750-0.860-UD0.7500.8600.05536, 72UDStd-Mod$42.50$80.000-7500-8600-05536 72udstandard-modulus
0.750-0.870-UDFG0.7500.8700.0608, 72UDFerrule$15.00$97.500-7500-8700-0608 72udferrule
0.875-0.985-UD0.8750.9850.05536, 72UDStd-Mod$55.00$105.000-8750-9850-05536 72udstandard-modulus
0.875-0.995-UDFG0.8750.9950.0608, 72UDFerrule$17.50$130.000-8750-9950-0608 72udferrule
0.938-1.058-UDFG0.9381.0580.0608, 72UDFerrule$20.00$142.500-9381-0580-0608 72udferrule
1.000-1.120-UDFG1.0001.1200.0608, 72UDFerrule$17.50$152.501-0001-1200-0608 72udferrule
1.125-1.245-UDFG1.1251.2450.0608, 72UDFerrule$20.00$165.001-1251-2450-0608 72udferrule
1.250-1.360-UD1.2501.3600.05536, 72UDStd-Mod$77.50$142.501-2501-3600-05536 72udstandard-modulus
1.250-1.370-UDFG1.2501.3700.06010, 72UDFerrule$25.00$175.001-2501-3700-06010 72udferrule
1.375-1.495-UDFG1.3751.4950.06010, 72UDFerrule$27.50$185.001-3751-4950-06010 72udferrule
1.500-1.620-UDFG1.5001.6200.06010, 72UDFerrule$27.50$197.501-5001-6200-06010 72udferrule
1.625-1.745-UDFG1.6251.7450.06010, 72UDFerrule$27.50$220.001-6251-7450-06010 72udferrule
1.750-1.870-UDFG1.7501.8700.06012, 72UDFerrule$35.00$240.001-7501-8700-06012 72udferrule
1.875-1.995-UDFG1.8751.9950.06012, 72UDFerrule$37.50$252.501-8751-9950-06012 72udferrule


Custom-Made Carbon Fiber Tubes

When a job calls for a custom-made carbon fiber tubing, turn to Clearwater Composites. We have the capacity to create carbon fiber and composite materials in any shape or size, and we work closely with our clients to meet their exact specifications.

If you can’t find what you need in our extensive product inventory, talk to one of our engineers about your specific needs.

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