Ferrule Tubing for 7/8" ID tube (8" length)


Type: Ferrule
Exterior Material: UD
Unit Weight: 0.07 lb

This ferrule tube is designed to fit inside a 7/8 carbon fiber tube. Our ferrule tubes are fabricated using unidirectional (UD) carbon fiber prepreg with an exterior layer of fiberglass. The fiberglass exterior is used to help protect against galvanic corrosion when bonding to medals.

  • Inner Material: Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Prepreg.
  • Outer Material: Fiberglass Prepreg.
  • Designed For: Connecting tubes together
  • Fiber Orientation:  Mostly 0° plies (axial) with some 90° plies (hoop)

3/4" ID x 0.870" OD x 8" Length

P/N: 0.750-0.870-UDFG-8