3/8" x 1/2" Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber Tube 72" Length


Type: Ultra High Modulus
Exterior Material: Twill Fabric
Unit Weight: 0.37 lb

This 3/8" ID x 1/2" OD Ultra High modulus carbon fiber tubing is fabricated with multiple layers of high strength  UHM unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg and has a 3K 2x2 twill fabric on the exterior. Ultra High modulus carbon fiber is 4X stiffer than aluminum, or 1.5x stiffer than steel. UHM  is more brittle than standard modulus carbon fiber tubing.  This is an excellent choice for high stiffness, weight sensitive applications but not the best for demanding, high stress applications.

Designed: Axial

Fiber Orientation:  Mostly 0° plies (axial) with some 90° plies (hoop)

3/8" ID x 0.505" OD x 72" Length

P/N: 0.375-0.505-UHM-72

**Limited stock: may have 5-7 Day lead time**