Hexagonal Carbon Fiber Tubes

Our high strength carbon fiber tubing is fabricated with unidirectional (UD) carbon fiber prepreg.  Unlike metal tubing, carbon fiber tubing is designed with layers of fibers oriented at different angles to provide properties designed for a specific application.  A variety of types or grades of carbon fiber tubing are available, as well as various exterior materials.

Types of Carbon Fiber Tubes

Standard Modulus  (SM)

This is the most common grade of carbon fiber used for our carbon fiber tubes.  Standard modulus offers excellent strength and stiffness.  It is 1.5X stiffer than aluminum and is the most economical grade.

High Modulus (HM)

High modulus carbon fiber is 3X stiffer than aluminum (or equivalent to steel stiffness) and has very similar strength to standard modulus carbon fiber tubing.  This is an excellent choice for demanding, weight sensitive applications.

Ultra High Modulus (UHM)

Incredible stiffness at 4-5X aluminum or ~1.5X steel. Ultra High Modulus is an excellent choice for low stress, high stiffness, weight sensitive applications.