Add On Services

Cleaning of Carbon Fiber

Add on services vary based on size, diameter, tolerances, volume etc. If you would like a quote, or have questions on tolerance/capabilities please give us a call (218) 481-7200 or email us at Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Cutting: (blade kerf is 0.01" thick)

  • Per cut: Based on OD
    • 0”-1.5" OD: $5 for the first cut (per length), $1.00 per cut thereafter 
    • 1.51”-4” OD: $7 for the first cut (per length), $3.00 per cut thereafter 

Sanding: (typically reduces diameter by 0.005")

  • Setup: $10.00 per OD
  • Per master tube: Based on OD
    • 0”-0.99" OD: $5 per master tube
    • 1”-1.999" OD: $10 per master tube
    • 2”-3.125" OD: $15 per master tube

Clearcoat: (may loose 1"-2" in length)

  • Sanding: See price list above
  • Per master tube: Based on OD
    • 0”-1" OD:  $3 per foot
    • 1.1”-2" OD: $4.5 per foot


  • Setup: $35.00 per order
  • Per Bond: Based on OD
    • 0”-1.5" ID: $10 per bond
    • 1.5”-4" ID: $15 per bond

For additional services please enter all requests into the notes section prior to checkout. The price will be adjusted accordingly; any price adjustment is internal and will not show on user end. For an itemized invoice, please contact us by phone or email.