Custom Carbon Fiber Parts and Composite Parts

Clearwater Composites engineers and manufactures carbon fiber and composite parts for your specific application.  Our design team and manufacturing system is well suited for prototype one-off parts, to large scale production volume quantities in the hundreds or thousands. 




Complex Carbon Fiber Parts

One of the advantages of carbon fiber and composites is that virtually any shape or size can be fabricated. All that is required is a tool, or mold, that is used to form the layers of carbon fiber.


  • Carbon fiber
  • Fiberglass - E-glass and S-glass
  • Aramid
  • Other fibers
  • Thermoset composites
  • Thermoplastic composites

Custom Carbon Fiber Product Applications

Industrial Equipment

Industrial carbon fiber application


Carbon Fiber Robotic Application

UAVs and Drones

Carbon Fiber UAV

Gun Components

Carbon Fiber Gun Parts


Drive Shafts

Carbon Fiber Automotive parts


Carbon Fiber Military Applications

Sporting Goods

Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddles


Carbon Fiber Aerospace Applications

Contact our team of carbon fiber experts to design a solution for your specific application.